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To start, Let’s talk about my design theory . My target is to reach different people with deferent cultures by a visual language to be understood easily.

The first thing you will see when you open this tab is the logo, a readable slogan, illustration elements show your services, a couch to feel like a home and a laptop on the couch but without a user to let the audience imagine that they are the user.

The used UI/UX guidlines

Shortly, I’ll describe some of the guidlines I have used:

1- Show a cute illustrations about your services.

People love to see some graphic elements to enable them to create a visual relationship between your services and the audience

2- Try Being Direct instead of indecisive.

You can send your message with uncertainty trembling in your voice, or you can say it with confidence. If you’re ending your messaging with question marks, using terms such as “perhaps”, “maybe”, “interested?” and “want to?”, then most likely you have some opportunity to be a bit more authoritative. Who knows, maybe there is a bit more room for telling people what to do next in the world of conversion optimization.

3- Try Social Proof instead of talking about yourself.

Social proof is another great persuasion tactic directly applicable to increase conversion rates. Seeing that others are endorsing you and talking about your offering, can be a great way to reinforce a call to action. Try a testimonial or showing data which proves that others are present.bit more room for telling people what to do next in the world of conversion optimization.

4- Try A One Column Layout instead of multicolumns.

A one column layout will give you more control over your narrative. It should be able to guide your readers in a more predictable way from top to bottom. Whereas a multi column approach runs some additional risk of being distracting to the core purpose of a page. Guide people with a story and a prominent call to action at the end.

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